Buildbag is a revolutionary building-bag concept to build environmentally friendly, affordable and safe homes. Buildbags, are specially developed to be filled with sand or other non-toxic, non-compressible granules of residual products e.g. crushed bricks or concrete from collapsed buildings, creating constructional building blocks. Buildbags can be stacked on top of one another like bricks and easily linked together by our patented 'Link and Sew' connecting system. Walls and homes build of Buildbags are temporary. By finishing them with a layer of plaster, they become permanent. Buildbags are easy to use, 100% recyclable, and the filling can be re-used for building new homes by next generations.


Vertical con.

Corner con.

Horizontal con.


PP/ Woven/ UV-protected
Weight empty Buildbag S = 85g.
Weight empty Buildbag L = 130g.


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